Private transfer from Osaka city to Itami airport for cat

Today I had an order from my previous customer for airport private transfer service. They are married couple from South Africa and they have moved to Japan last year with their 2 cats. Wife was temporarily back in South Africa and was planning to come back to Osaka. But because of current covid-19 situation, the visa for her wasn’t renewed and they decided to go back to South Africa. Ummm…I feel so bad. And today’s order was abit unique. It was private transfer to Itami airport for cats. I took t was travelling with husband to Itami airport for transferring the cats from Itami to Narita. He told me that there are less light for cats from Kansai airport to outside and has to go through Narita. Poor pussy cats! It must be so stressful for them. Anyways…I hope the covid-19 situation will be recovered and they can come back to Osaka one day soon!!

Private Transfer at Kansai airport and Covid-19

Hi everybody, this is Kens Osaka Taxi. We are offering private transfer from/to kansai airport. Here I update the situation in Osaka regarding coronavirus. The situation in Osaka regarding Coronavirus Last Thrsday (January 13th), as a measure against the spread of COVID-19, Osaka had a declaration of a state of emergency. The number of COVID-19 new patients in Osaka in January is trend in the range of 300 to 600. It could be considered relatively not many comparing other cities in the world, but since it’s on an upward trend and the government has decided to have a declaration. It is not as strict as the one before, but governor/government is asking people to refrain from any nonessential and non-urgent outings. From yesterday(January 13th) the restruants, bars and shops are encouraged to close at 8pm till Feburary 7th. For more information please check below link: Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Who can enter Japan Kansai airport? From January 14th, the government has decided not to accept new arrivals from overseas including those who has business truck visa unelss they have one issued beforehands. On the other hand, the border is still open for Japanese nationals and foreigners who are residents of Japan with zairyu-visa. Quarantine measures has updated So as I told, basically only Japanese nationals and foreigners who are residents of Japan can enter Japan but there are some rules added even for them. 1: They are required to submit certificate of negative […]

[Covid-19] Private Transfer ( Chartered taxi) / from Kansai airport

Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation in Japan By today October 28th 2020, cumulative coronavirus (Covid-19) cases topped 100,000 in Japan. Tokyo confirmed over 200 new cases, and Osaka confirmed over 200 new cases and and we can notice infection is spreading with clusters especially in urban areas. But from my point of view, people are paying most attention in order not to infect coronavirus (Covid-19) to others. In fact the ratio of people who are wearing face masks and coverings, are almost 100%. For now the government is not going to impose lockdown, and there’s no curfew for bars and restaurants at this moment. People are living with voluntary “stay-at-home” Coronavirus / Covid-19 test situation in KANSAI international airport From October 2020, Japan government has gradually started to allow entry for passengers who are visiting for business, study and family stay from all countries/regions through Kansai international airport(KIX) as we ll as other international airports in Japan. **ALL PASSNGERS who are arriving at Osaka Kansai airport(KIX) are required to take Covid-19 / Coronavirus test after landing**. It used to be PCR type, but from around end of July it has replaced to “Antibody test” and now that you can get result within 2-3 hours. While waiting for Covid-19 / Coronavirus test result you have to stay at airport lobby. Not permitted to take public transportation In 2-3 hours you will get result and if it is negative, now you are allowed to transfer to your home or accommodation. Yet **passengers are […]

Nara Private Tour -Feed Deers at Nara Park!-

Hi there, This is the article of private tour for 3days. Don’t forget to check out Day1 and Day2 Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market- Kyoto Private Tour -Day2 -Kimono shooting- Destination for Day3 is Nara Park! The itinerary is as below. –Day3(8hrs)Itinerary– 10:00-11:00 Driver Pick up to Nara park 11:00-12:00 Kasuga-Taisha 12:00-13:00 Lunch in Nara 13:00-14:30 Todaiji 14:40-15:00 Move to Nara-Machi 15:00-16:30 Souvenir time 16:45-17:45 Move back to Osaka Tour Detail Today’s main event is…DEER at Nara Park. Unfortunatelly we had rainy day today, and were forced to stay at a coffee for a while. As rain got weaker, we went out for Nara park to feed deer. There you can buy deer snack with 100JPY and can feed them. This time there’s 5yrs old boy in the family and Nara trip was planned for him 🙂 First he was a bit afraid but finally he got used to fee the deers. After walking around Nara Machi area, we had Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba for lunch. And then moved back to Osaka. I got an order for transfer to the kansai airport for following day and sent them off. Safe flight back to Singapore!!

Kyoto Private Tour -Day2 -Kimono shooting-

Day 2 is Kyoto west part tour and Kimono shooting!! Don’t forget to check the Day1 Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market- Day2 itinerary is as below. today is also full of events!! –Day2 Itinerary (10hrs) — 9:30-10:45 Driver Pick up to Kyoto 10:45-11:45 Bamboo’s Grove Forest + Temple 12:00-13:00 Lunch in Arashiyama 13:00-13:30 Walk around Arashiyama 13:30-14:00 Move for Kimono shoot 14:30-16:00 Kimono Photo Shoot 16:15-17:30 Return to Osaka 18:00-19:30 Dinner at Sushi Restruant Again we started our tour from Nikko Hotel Osaka. Day2 first distination is Arashiyama where bamboo forest is famous for. the bamboo forest is getting to be more and more popular so I recommend you to visit there in the morning or late evening. We had a Kyoto Style buffet (obanzai) and head toward Kimono rental studio. We visited a Kimono rental studio called "Kimono Rental Yumeyakata" Not only renting but they also do the photo shooting at their studio. Everybody wore nice Kimono and enjoyed shooting. All suits well!! It is so nice to see the happy family. After some shooting we moved back to Osaka. As I get request of Sushi restruant for dinner. Usually sushi restruant in central Osaka and not big room and doesn’t suit for large family group. So I took one of best sushi restruant out Osaka city. They are visiting Universal Studio for tomorrow, so Day3 will be the day after tomorrow…

Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market-

Hi there, We had another customer from Singapore This time we took the tour for 3days! And this is the article to introduce the day 1 We traveled mainy east side of Kyoto on this day. –Day1 Itinerary (10hrs) — 9:30-10:30 Driver Pick up to Kyoto 10:30-11:30 Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine 11:30-12:10 Move for Kiyomizudera 12:15-13:20 Lunch in Fushimiinari 13:20-14:20 Walk around Kiyomizudera 14:20-15:20 Walk around Yasaka-dori 15:20-15:40 Move to Nishiki Market 15:50-17:45 Nishiki Market 17:45-18:15 Owls Forest Cafe 18:15-19:30 Return to Osaka Tour Detail We’ve started the private tour from Nikko Hotel Osaka in Shinsaibashi. The first place we going is Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社, Fushimi Inari Taisha) Weekend in Nov is very crowed in Kyoto, and yes Fushimi Inari Shrine was so crowded as well!! After short time to experience the famous vermilion torii gates, we head towards Kiyomizu Temple(清水寺) area We had late lunch at restruant which has old Japanese style where you can enjoy Soba, Udon, Ramen, Domburi etc. On the way we took snacks Ajari mochi(阿闍梨餅) which is the Kyoto Traditional Sweet. This is must-try mochi as it is so yummy. It was sunny day and we had a good photo with the Yasaka-Tower. Next is Nishiki-Market(錦市場), known as Kyoto’s Kitchen. This is the entrance of Nishiki-Market, Nishiki-Tenmangu(錦天満宮) At Nishiki Ichiba, there are so many variety of foods and never get bored. And on the way, the enjoyed the Owls Forest Cafe. We finished the first day and move back to Osaka! Let’s move on […]

Osaka Private Tour -Day1- Explore Sumiyoshi Taisha

It’s getting to be cooler in Japan.Autumn leave is getting to be colorful and beautiful. Well, I had a customer from Bangkok Thailand.The group is gramma, mother, kid, and a friend.They have been to Kyoto and Nara, and Osaka before. and this time they decided to take 2days for exploring Osaka more! –Day1 Itinerary (8hrs) — 9:00 Pick up from The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan 9:20-11:20 Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan & Tempozan Ferris Wheel 11:30-12:30 Lunch at Naniwa-Kuishinbo Yokocho 13:00-13:45 Sumiyoshi Taisha 14:00-14:45 Abeno Harukas 15:00-16:45 Kuromon Ichiba Market 17:00 Arrive at Holiday Inn Osaka Namba ——————- We’ve started the tour from Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan. They enjoyed the time at USJ the day before. The first distination is Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan(海遊館) & Tempozan Ferris Wheel(天保山観覧車) There is food court area called “Naniwa-Kuishinbo Yokocho”(なにわ食いしんぼ横丁) where you can enjpy wide variety of Japanese traditional food, just next to the aquarium. After having lunch at one of restruants there, we’ve moved to today’s highlight, Sumiyoshi Tisha(住吉大社). There are a couple of unique spots in Sumiyoshi Tisha. The spot is called “Godairiki”(五大力). At west side of the area, there is an area you can find small stone written with 五(five)大(Big)力(power)on it. And if you collect them all, your dream comes true! They sell cute cases for the fortune stone “Gotairiki” at souvenir shop. There were nice old stall stand and… kid enjoy the bouncy ball scooping! I remember I liked and played a lot when I was a […]

Osaka 1 day tour for Osaka Castle and Kuromon etc

We had guests from Singapore! They had been to Japan several times but they hadn’t had a chance to explore Osaka before. It was an honor to show them around our city! Although June is supposed to be the rainy season here, the weather was pretty good on that day. Actually.. it was too good and it was even a bit hot! But with our Jambo taxi, we were able to have smooth transport. Our first destination was the Umeda Sky building. It has 40 floors and an observation deck at 173m where you can see a panoramic view of Osaka. We were even able to see Osaka castle from there! You can also walk around the outside deck and feel the wind. After having a cool beer and an ice cream (It was definitely ice cream weather!), We headed to Osaka castle. It was originally built by samurai leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1585. The castle was attacked by the next samurai leader, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and completely destroyed. The Tokugawa family built a new Osaka castle with a new design on the site of the original castle in 1626. The moat and watch towers we can see today are from the 17th century, but the main tower was rebuilt in 1931. It has a museum inside, where you can learn about the history of the castle. When you go up to the top floor, you will see the view that samurai leaders of the past must have seen. The Ninja […]

Try out “Samurai costume” at Osaka Castle

We took a private tour for family group from Philippines. This is their first time in Osaka!! I am really happy if I could help to make their percious memory in Osaka 😀 9:00am let’s start the tour from their hotel at Shinsaibashi as it’s Sunday and it will be very croweded, we decided to go to Osaka Castle first. Osaka Castle is constructed by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583 and it’s been more than 430yrs since it’s built. Long history!! Let’s wear Samurai armor and take photo!! 🙂 Then we sent to Umeda Sky building(KUCHU TEIEN OBSERVATORY) The view from Top of observatory is so nice! Now it’s 12:00am and time for lunch! This time we went to "Depachika" where you can buy wide variety of Bento, Sushi,Karaage, Fish, Snacks, etc We don’t forget to take a photo of most famous photo spot at Dotombori "Grico Man", haha! The Last destination is Kuromon-Ichiba where you can walk around and enjoy little snacks. 3:00pm tour Finished! Take photo time 🙂 It was 6 hrs tour and was a bit rushy but hope they enjoyed Osaka 🙂 If you want to take a 1day private tour with jumbo taxi, just message us!

Taxi transfer from Kansai Airport to Awajishima

Hi there! Yesterday we had a customer from Thailand. They are family group with kids and gramma and grampa. This time they arrived in Osaka KIX with TG 622, It took 40min to finish immigration and pick up luggage. Welcome to Osaka Kansai! This time they are staying at one of best hotel in Awajishima. [Hotel New Awaji] And they were booking for Kobe Beef restruant in Sannomiya [Bifteck Kawamura] So the itinerary was as below From Kansai International Airport ->Kobe city (for lunch) ->Hotel in Awajishima After lunch we were planning to visit Nunobiki Herb garden at Kobe Sannomiya, but it was storming and we skipped and went to Daimaru Kobe instead. They enjoyed shopping a baby car by Japanese brand. It seems to be it is very hard to get that model in Bangkok, Thailand Thanks and enjoy Awajishima!!

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