How to Get From Kansai Airport to Osaka

Are you interested in how to get From Kansai International Airport(KIX) to Osaka? Kansai International Airport is a hub airport in Western Japan available to operate 24 hours, opened in 1994. It is often called "Kankuu” as a Japanese abbreviation or "KIX" because of its airport code. Osaka has another airport called Itami Airport, but since only domestic flights are available there, if you are travelling from abroad directly to Osaka, you will definitely be arriving at Kansai International Airport. Here, we will be showing you ways to access Osaka from Kansai International Airport. Ways to Access Osaka from Kansai International Airport Firstly, we would like to show you a list of ways you can access from kansai airport to osaka in a table. Main 4 categories are: by train, by bus, by taxi and by private transfer. Let’s look at each option one by one. Kansai Airport to Osaka by train If you want to reduce the cost of travelling from kansai airport to osaka as much as possible, using a train is the main option. Another advantage of using a train would be the fact that you will never get into a traffic jam, and it usually operates on time. There are two different railroad services you can use at Kansai International Airport: JR and Nankai Train. JR There are two types of train operating at JR (Japan Railways): Kankuu Express and Limited Express “Haruka”. If you have a JAPAN RAIL PASS, you can ride on these trains […]

Private transfer from Osaka city to Itami airport for cat

Today I had an order from my previous customer for airport private transfer service. They are married couple from South Africa and they have moved to Japan last year with their 2 cats. Wife was temporarily back in South Africa and was planning to come back to Osaka. But because of current covid-19 situation, the visa for her wasn’t renewed and they decided to go back to South Africa. Ummm…I feel so bad. And today’s order was abit unique. It was private transfer to Itami airport for cats. I took t was travelling with husband to Itami airport for transferring the cats from Itami to Narita. He told me that there are less light for cats from Kansai airport to outside and has to go through Narita. Poor pussy cats! It must be so stressful for them. Anyways…I hope the covid-19 situation will be recovered and they can come back to Osaka one day soon!!

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