Private Transfer at Kansai airport and Covid-19

Hi everybody, this is Kens Osaka Taxi. We are offering private transfer from/to kansai airport.
Here I update the situation in Osaka regarding coronavirus.

The situation in Osaka regarding Coronavirus

Last Thrsday (January 13th), as a measure against the spread of COVID-19, Osaka had a declaration of a state of emergency.
The number of COVID-19 new patients in Osaka in January is trend in the range of 300 to 600.
It could be considered relatively not many comparing other cities in the world, but since it’s on an upward trend and the government has decided to have a declaration.
It is not as strict as the one before, but governor/government is asking people to refrain from any nonessential and non-urgent outings.
From yesterday(January 13th) the restruants, bars and shops are encouraged to close at 8pm till Feburary 7th.
For more information please check below link:
Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Who can enter Japan Kansai airport?

From January 14th, the government has decided not to accept new arrivals from overseas including those who has business truck visa unelss they have one issued beforehands.

On the other hand, the border is still open for Japanese nationals and foreigners who are residents of Japan with zairyu-visa.

Quarantine measures has updated

So as I told, basically only Japanese nationals and foreigners who are residents of Japan can enter Japan but there are some rules added even for them.

1: They are required to submit certificate of negative result of COVID-19 conducted within 72hours before department.
2: They have to spend 14 days of Self-quarantine regardness of yoru nationality.

Private transfer from Kansai airport

We are still offering private transfer from Kansai airport to Osaka and surrounding cities in Kansai area.
Though I expect only Japanese nationals and foreigners who are resident will use our service while the declaration,
let us know if you need Private Transfer from Kansai airport!

Kens Osaka Taxi

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