[Covid-19] Private Transfer ( Chartered taxi) / from Kansai airport

Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation in Japan

By today October 28th 2020, cumulative coronavirus (Covid-19) cases topped 100,000 in Japan. Tokyo confirmed over 200 new cases, and Osaka confirmed over 200 new cases and and we can notice infection is spreading with clusters especially in urban areas.

But from my point of view, people are paying most attention in order not to infect coronavirus (Covid-19) to others. In fact the ratio of people who are wearing face masks and coverings, are almost 100%. For now the government is not going to impose lockdown, and there’s no curfew for bars and restaurants at this moment. People are living with voluntary “stay-at-home”

Coronavirus / Covid-19 test situation in KANSAI international airport

From October 2020, Japan government has gradually started to allow entry for passengers who are visiting for business, study and family stay from all countries/regions through Kansai international airport(KIX) as we ll as other international airports in Japan.

**ALL PASSNGERS who are arriving at Osaka Kansai airport(KIX) are required to take Covid-19 / Coronavirus test after landing**. It used to be PCR type, but from around end of July it has replaced to “Antibody test” and now that you can get result within 2-3 hours. While waiting for Covid-19 / Coronavirus test result you have to stay at airport lobby.

Not permitted to take public transportation

In 2-3 hours you will get result and if it is negative, now you are allowed to transfer to your home or accommodation. Yet **passengers are required NOT to use public transportation** such as bus, train and even taxi, although the test result of the Covid-19 in the quarantine is negative.

The choices you are given are as below.
1. As your friend or family for picking up
2. Take car rental service
3. Private transfer Service

You need to report how you are planning to move from airport to hotel or your accommodation. Otherwise you cannot leave airport.

Private transfer from Kansai airport after Coronavirus test

As national licensed taxi company, we are offering private vehicle / private transfer (chartered taxi) service from Kansai international airport to Osaka city, and other cities in Kansai area.

Features of our service

1. **English speaking driver**

Basically the driver will be me, Ken. I have no problem with communication in English. The situation now at Kansai airport(KIX) is not normal and there could be unexpected circumstance such as flight being delay, long queue for antibody test, and you get positive result from Covid-19 / Coronavirus test. With English speaking speaker, you will clear sudden trouble.

2. **chat-base communication**

We are taking message app such as WhatsApp, FB messenger, Line etc. for communication with our customers in addition to photo and email. With these app, you can communicate with the driver and will not have stress with meeting up at Kansai international airport(KIX).

3. **sanitized car with most care**

Last but not the least, of course car inside is sanitized with alcohol. The drivers wash hands with sanitizer and are wearing face mask and taking care not to get Covid-19 / Coronavirus with the utmost care and attention.

We are now facing a second wave of coronavirus but we do hope we will get over and start the life in post-corona world!!

If you need our service for a private transfer (chartered tax) from Kansai airport to Kyoto, Osaka, and other surrounding areas of Kansai, contact us now!

Book a private transfer now!
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Email: info@kens-osaka-taxi.com
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