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Osaka and Arima Hot Spring Private Transfer


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  • Osaka City and Arima Onsen


Arima Onsen and Osaka City Private Transfer SERVICE AREA

Arima Onsen and Osaka City Private transfer

  • Arima Grand Hotel (有馬グランドホテル)
  • Motenashi-yu Furumigekan (元湯 古泉閣)
  • Arima Royal Hotel (有馬ロイヤルホテル)
  • Arima Kirari (有馬きらり)
  • Arima Onsen Gekkouen-Yu Tsukisansou (有馬温泉 月光園游 月山荘)
  • Arima Onsen Gekkouen Kouroukan (有馬温泉 月光園 鴻朧館)
  • Hyoe Koyokaku (兵衛向陽閣)
  • Arima Onsen Gyoen (有馬御苑)
  • Other all hotels in Arima Onsen
About Arima Onsen (Hot Spring)

Arima Onsen boasts a history spanning over a millennium and holds the distinction of being Japan’s oldest hot spring resort. Its healing waters are said to have been discovered by two Buddhist monks, Gen Shin and Genkatsu, in the 8th century. Since then, Arima Onsen has welcomed emperors, samurai, and countless travelers, offering them solace in its rejuvenating baths.

One of the defining features of Arima Onsen is its two distinct types of mineral-rich hot springs known as the “Kin no Yu” (Gold Spring) and the “Gin no Yu” (Silver Spring). The Gold Spring is renowned for its iron and salt content, known to have therapeutic properties. On the other hand, the Silver Spring contains radium and carbonates, believed to impart smoothness to the skin and alleviate various ailments.

Arima Onsen is nestled in a serene valley surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, making it an oasis for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here, you can connect with nature by relaxing in open-air baths or exploring scenic trails.

A stay in this enchanting locale would be incomplete without experiencing traditional Japanese inns. These charming accommodations not only offer comfortable lodgings but also provide opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Elements such as sliding paper doors, tatami mat flooring, and exquisite kaiseki cuisine await your indulgence.

When visiting Arima, don’t miss the chance to explore local culture. The town boasts historical attractions like the Arima Toy Museum, offering insights into the world of traditional Japanese toys. Additionally, the serene ambiance of Nenbutsu-ji Temple provides an opportunity to connect with Japan’s spiritual heritage.

To perfect your trip to Arima, savoring the local cuisine is a must. Here, you can relish the exquisite Kobe beef, celebrated worldwide for its flavor and marbling. Also, the street food offerings in Arima, including yuba (tofu skin) and senbei (rice crackers), promise to delight your taste buds.

Arima Onsen is a place where you can relish the beauty of every season. Cherry blossoms adorn the town in spring, vibrant foliage paints a picturesque scene in autumn, and the winter blankets the town in snow, creating a postcard-worthy landscape.

Accessibility to Arima is convenient, with easy train access from Kobe and Osaka. This accessibility makes Arima Onsen one of the ideal destinations when visiting Japan.

LANDMARKS at Kobe City Kita-ku

  • Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden/Ropeway (神戸布引ハーブ園/ロープウェイ)
  • Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets (神戸三田プレミアム・アウトレット)
  • Kobe Fruit and Flower Park (神戸フルーツ・フラワーパーク)
  • Arima Onsen (有馬温泉)
  • Kobe Animal Kingdom (神戸どうぶつ王国)


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