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ITAMI Airport to Nara City
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HOTELS for ITAMI Airport and Nara City Private transfer

  • ANDO HOTEL Nara Wakakusayama (ANDO HOTEL 奈良若草山)
  • Fufu Nara (ふふ 奈良)
  • Nara HOTEL (奈良ホテル)
  • Touyoko Inn Nara Shinomiya Ekimae (東横INN奈良新大宮駅前)
  • Hen Na Hotel Nara (変なホテル 奈良)
  • AB Hotel Nara (ABホテル奈良)
  • Centurion Hotel Classic Nara (センチュリオンホテルクラシック奈良)
  • Hotel Nikko Nara (ホテル日航奈良)
  • Hotel Pagoda (HOTEL PAGODA)
  • Nobori-oji Hotel Nara (登大路ホテル奈良)
  • Comfort Hotel Nara (コンフォートホテル奈良)
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nara (ダイワロイネットホテル奈良)
  • JW Marriott Hotel Nara (JWマリオット・ホテル奈良)
  • Nipponia Hotel Naramachi (NIPPONIA HOTEL 奈良 ならまち)
  • Smile Hotel Nara (スマイルホテル奈良)
  • Other all hotels in Nara city (奈良市内のその他の全てのホテル)

LANDMARKS for ITAMI Airport and Nara City Private transfer

  • Todai-ji Temple (東大寺)
  • Nara Park (奈良公園)
  • Naramachi (ならまち)
  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine (春日大社)
  • Horyu-ji Temple (法隆寺)
  • Kofuku-ji Temple (興福寺)
  • Nara National Museum (奈良国立博物館)
  • Wakakusayama (若草山)
  • Heijo Palace Site (平城宮跡)
  • Yakushiji Temple (薬師寺)

About Nara City

Nara City, with its rich history and harmonious natural surroundings, stands as a city of great significance in ancient Japan. It offers foreign tourists a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and nature.

To begin with, Todai-ji Temple is one of Nara’s most renowned temples, boasting the world’s largest wooden building, the Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden). Visitors here can delve into Buddhist teachings and Japanese history. The temple’s gardens are also a sight to behold, offering scenic beauty in every season.

Nara Park is famous for its harmonious coexistence with deer, which are considered the city’s symbols. Tourists can enjoy up-close interactions with these friendly creatures. Within the park, historical temples and shrines like Kofuku-ji Temple and KasugaTaisha Shrine are scattered, adding to the city’s historical charm. Kofuku-ji Temple, one of Japan’s oldest temples, is known for its beautiful gardens and historic structures. Kasuga Grand Shrine is associated with the deer and features a picturesque environment.

Nara is blessed with natural beauty, and the view from Mount Wakakusa is breathtaking. Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, while vibrant autumn foliage graces the landscape in the fall. The city’s mountains and rivers create a scenic backdrop, making it an ideal destination for hiking and nature walks.

Nara-machi, an area preserving traditional Japanese buildings and streets, offers visitors a chance to stroll through historic townscapes while savoring local cuisine and souvenirs.

The Nara National Museum houses a valuable collection of Japanese art and history, making it a must-visit for those interested in Japanese culture. The exhibits span a wide range, from art pieces of the Nara period to crafts from the Edo period.

Nara City is home to numerous other temples, shrines, and historical landmarks, allowing visitors to deepen their understanding of Japan’s traditions and culture. Local restaurants offer opportunities to taste Japanese cuisine and regional dishes.

Nara City, with its blend of history and natural beauty, offers a unique experience where you can immerse yourself in Japan’s traditional culture and breathtaking landscapes. Kens Osaka Taxi provides ITAMI Airport and Nara City Private Transfer. We invite you to make use of our services.


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