Universal Studios and Nara city Private Transfer


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  • From Unversal Studios(USJ) to Nara city
  • From Nara city to Unversal Studios(USJ)

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Universal Studios and Nara City
Private Transfer SERVICE AREA

HOTELS around Universal Studios
  • Oriental Hotel Universal City(オリエンタルホテル)
  • The Singulari Hotel & SkySpa at Universal Studios Japan(ザ・シンギュラリ・ホテル&スカイスパ)
  • The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan(ザ・パーク・フロント・ホテル)
  • Hotel Kintetsu Universal City(近鉄ユニバーサルシティホテル)
  • Hotel Keihan Universal Tower(ホテル京阪ユニバーサルタワー)
  • Hotel Universal Port(ホテルユニバーサル・ポート)
  • Hotel Universal Port Vita(ホテルユニバーサル・ポート・ヴィータ)
  • Libel Hotel at Universal Studios Japan(リベルホテル)
  • And other hotels around Universal Studios Japan

HOTELS in Nara City
  • ANDO HOTEL Nara Wakakusayama (ANDO HOTEL 奈良若草山)
  • Fufu Nara (ふふ 奈良)
  • Nara HOTEL (奈良ホテル)
  • Touyoko Inn Nara Shinomiya Ekimae (東横INN奈良新大宮駅前)
  • Hen Na Hotel Nara (変なホテル 奈良)
  • AB Hotel Nara (ABホテル奈良)
  • Centurion Hotel Classic Nara (センチュリオンホテルクラシック奈良)
  • Hotel Nikko Nara (ホテル日航奈良)
  • Hotel Pagoda (HOTEL PAGODA)
  • Nobori-oji Hotel Nara (登大路ホテル奈良)
  • Comfort Hotel Nara (コンフォートホテル奈良)
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nara (ダイワロイネットホテル奈良)
  • JW Marriott Hotel Nara (JWマリオット・ホテル奈良)
  • Nipponia Hotel Naramachi (NIPPONIA HOTEL 奈良 ならまち)
  • Smile Hotel Nara (スマイルホテル奈良)
  • Other all hotels in Nara city (奈良市内のその他の全てのホテル)

About Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of Japan’s most prominent entertainment facilities, having opened its doors in 2001. USJ, in partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts, offers a wide range of attractions, shows, restaurants, and more, all themed around famous movies, TV shows, and characters from around the world.

USJ has captivated millions of visitors annually with its unique entertainment experiences, drawing tourists from both within Japan and abroad. The park features themed areas based on Hollywood movies, as well as beloved characters from Universal Studios, such as the Minions and Harry Potter.

One of the standout features of USJ is its immersive attractions that bring movie magic to life. For example, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” recreates the world of Hogwarts Castle and Harry Potter’s adventures, offering fans a dream-like experience. Additionally, thrilling rides like “Jurassic Park: The Ride” and “The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man” provide adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Among the many attractions at USJ, the park’s commitment to detail is evident in its realistic movie sets and special effects, making visitors feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite films.

USJ’s popularity extends beyond its attractions, as it hosts various seasonal events and shows throughout the year, ensuring that every visit offers something new and exciting. The park also boasts a wide array of shops and restaurants, providing opportunities for relaxation and souvenir shopping.

Whether you’re a family, a group of friends, or a dedicated fan of movies and characters, USJ offers a fun-filled day of adventure. Conveniently located with easy access from Osaka City, USJ is a beloved theme park that attracts visitors from all over Japan and the world.


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