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Koyasan to Kansai Airport Private Transfer


This page is for

  • From Koyasan to Kansai Airport(KIX)


Koyasan Shukubo
(Temple Lodging)
from/to Osaka, Kyoto,
and Kansai Airport

Door-to-door transfer from/to Koyasan Shukubo

We offer transfers from hotels in Osaka and Kyoto, Osaka and Kyoto Station, and Kansai Airport to Fudo-in, Eko-in, Saizen-in, Soji-in, and other temple lodgings in Koyasan, as well as return trips.
Our vehicles include sedans, 6-seater minivans, and 9-passenger jumbo to meet your needs.

Traveling to Koyasan using public transportation can be challenging. With our comfortable door-to-door private transfer to and from your shukubo (temple lodging), save your energy and fully enjoy special activities like zazen (seated meditation), shakyo (sutra copying), and eating shojin ryori (traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) at Shukubo.

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Airport Drop-off Service

How to Order
Flow of the Day

1, Check for Vehicle availability

You can check availability via WhatsApp

We are a small, elite team with limited vehicles and drivers. First, please contact our customer support to check vehicle availability.

If you contact us via WhatsApp or Messenger, we will respond promptly regarding availability.

2, Proceed booking ( and make payment )

Buy transfer service like e-commerce

Proceed with the purchase of the desired transfer service and payment through the detailed page.

We offer a pre-online payment system, so there is no need to prepare cash or cards on the day of the service.

3, Receive reservation receipt

Confirmation will be sent to your email

(Within 24 hours of receiving the order)

We will send you the booking confirmation document the day after your application. If for any reason we are unable to accommodate your reservation, we will inform you at this stage (rest assured that we will provide a 100% refund).

4, Receive driver's information

You can relax and be ready for the day!

(One day before the service date)

On the day before the service, we will send you a reminder message with the driver's name and meeting details.

If you have any questions or changes, please feel free to contact us via chat.

1, Wait for the driver's pick up

Please wait until the driver arrives

Please wait until the scheduled time for the driver to arrive.

In the case of hotels, the driver will inform the front desk staff about their arrival.

2, Wait for the driver to load lugguage

You can leave your luggage with the driver

The driver will arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Upon arrival, he will load your suitcases and other luggage for you.

You can relax and wait without needing to do anything.

3, Head to the Kansai Airport (KIX)

The driver will ensure a safe and comfortable journey

Once your luggage is loaded, the driver will depart for Kansai Airport. The approximate travel time from hotels in each city to Kansai Airport is as follows:

  • From Osaka city: 60 minutes
  • From Nara city: 70 minutes
  • From Kobe city: 70 minutes
  • From Kyoto city: 90 minutes

For flights departing from Terminal 2, please allow an additional 10 minutes. If you're unsure whether your flight departs from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, please contact us to check

4, Arrive at Kansai Airport (KIX)

Arriving at Kansai Airport. Safe flight!

Upon reaching Kansai International Airport departure floor, the driver will unload the luggage.

Since the payment has been completed in advance, there is no need for any further payment inside the vehicle, allowing for a seamless exit.

We are flexible because
we are the Direct Local Service Provider.

You may have come across many websites offering airport transfer and city-to-city transfer services in the Kansai region. So, what makes us different from those other companies? The answer is that we are the service providers ourselves, based in Osaka.

We interact directly with each driver, which allows us to provide speedy and high-quality service.

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Koyasan to KANSAI Airport Private Transfer
Service Location

Additional information

Car Type

Standard Sedan, Business Sedan, 6 Seater Minivan, 9 Seater Jumbo


The number of our vehicles is limited. Before making a service purchase, please contact our customer support to inquire about the availability of vehicles


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