Kansai Airport Transfer from/to Awaji city


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  • From Kansai Airport(KIX) to Awaji city
  • From Awaji city to Kansai Airport(KIX)

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Kansai Airport and Awaji City Private Transfer SERVICE AREA

HOTELS for KANSAI Airport and Awaji City Private transfer

  • Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awajishima(ホテルニューアワジ プラザ淡路島)
  • Hotel New Awaji(ホテルニューアワジ)
  • Grand Nikko Awaji(グランドニッコー淡路)
  • Kaigetsukan(海月館)
  • Awaji Villa Forest
  • Yumekaiyu Awaji Island(夢海游 淡路島)
  • Awajishima Kanko Hotel(淡路島 観光ホテル)
  • Awaji Yumesenkei(淡路夢泉景)
  • Other all hotels in Awaji City

LANDMARKS for KANSAI Airport and Awaji City Private transfer

  • National Park Awaji-Naruto(国営明石海峡公園)
  • Izanagi Shrine(伊弉諾神宮)
  • Nijigen no Mori(ニジゲンノモリ)
  • Uzushio Cruise(うずしおクルーズ)
  • Awaji Farm Park England Hill(淡路ファームパーク イングランドの丘)
  • Michi-no-Eki Awaji(道の駅 あわじ)
  • Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park(兵庫県立淡路島公園)

About Awaji City

Awaji Island is an island located in the Seto Inland Sea, off the coast of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It is an area dotted with abundant natural beauty and tourist attractions.

Places like “Awajishima Hanasajiki” and the “Awaji Island National Park of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge” offer opportunities to enjoy a variety of seasonal plants while feeling the sea breeze. Leisure facilities, including “ONOKORO Awaji World Park,” provide entertainment for visitors of all ages. Within the Awaji Island Park, you’ll find “Nijigen no Mori,” an anime-themed park featuring various puzzle-solving games in collaboration with anime series, as well as athletic challenges like zip-lining into a life-sized Godzilla mouth. It’s a place where anyone, regardless of age, can have fun.

Moreover, the island is home to “Izanagi Shrine,” Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine. Within its grounds, the “Couple’s Great Camphor Tree” is a popular power spot believed to bring marital harmony and good fortune in relationships. Awaji Island has a lot to offer, not only in terms of sightseeing but also in its rich cuisine, including locally grown onions and fresh seafood. With numerous hot spring resorts scattered across the island, visitors can easily spend an entire day exploring and enjoying Awaji Island.


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