Osaka Itami Airport Transfer from/to Kyoto city (Sakyo-ku)


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  • From Itami Airport(ITM) to Kyoto city (Sakyo-ku)
  • From Kyoto city (Sakyo-ku) to Itami Airport(ITM)

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ITAMI Airport and Kyoto City Sakyo-Ku Private Transfer SERVICE AREA

  • Hotel Wing International Premium Kyoto Sanjo (ホテルウィングインターナショナルプレミアム京都三条)
  • Nimon 1 (Nimon 1)
  • National Kyoto International Conference Hall Lodge (国立京都国際会館 ロッジ)
  • The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike (ザ・プリンス京都宝ヶ池)
  • Kikusui on the Philosopher’s Path (南禅寺参道 菊水)
  • Rotel Hiei (ロテルド比叡)
  • Fufu Kyoto (ふふ 京都)
  • Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei (ホテルオークラ京都 岡崎別邸)
  • Hotel Marufuku Kyoto Higashiyama (ホテル丸福 京都東山)
  • Hostel Ginkakuji (ホステル銀閣寺)
  • And other hotels in Kyoto City (Sakyo-Ward)

  • Ginkaku-ji Temple(銀閣寺)
  • Philosopher’s Path(哲学の道)
  • Nanzen-ji Temple(南禅寺)
  • Heian Shrine(平安神宮)
  • Kifune Shrine(貴船神社)
  • Sanzen-in Temple(三千院)
  • Kamo Myojin Shrine(賀茂御祖神社)
  • Kyoto City Zoo(京都市動物園)

About Kyoto City (Sakyo-Ward)

Sakyo-Ward is a charming area in Kyoto city where nature and history harmonize seamlessly. This district boasts numerous attractions that are appealing to foreign tourists.

First and foremost, one of the iconic attractions in Sakyo-Ward is the Philosopher’s Path (Tetsugaku-no-michi). This beautiful walking path captivates visitors with its cherry blossoms in full bloom during spring, offering a serene setting to contemplate philosophical thoughts while strolling along.

Additionally, Sakyo-Ward is home to Mt. Daimonji, known for the spectacular Daimonji Gozan Okuribi festival held in summer. Giant characters are set ablaze on the mountainside, illuminating the night sky and creating a breathtaking spectacle. Participating in this tradition provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with Japanese culture.

The natural beauty of Sakyo-Ward is also abundant, with picturesque gardens and scenery to be found along the Philosopher’s Path and around Shishigatani. The view from Shishigatani’s Shaka-tei Pavilion, in particular, is mesmerizing, offering unforgettable vistas of the changing seasons.

Don’t miss the historic temples and shrines in Sakyo-Ward. Many ancient temples can be explored, making it an appealing destination for tourists interested in culture and religion. Notable places like Kurama-dera Temple and Hase-dera Temple are scattered throughout the area, each offering a unique and enriching experience.

Sakyo-Ward is an area where the natural beauty of Kyoto coexists harmoniously with its rich history, providing foreign tourists with tranquil and enriching experiences. We encourage you to visit this wonderful area and savor the charm of Kyoto.


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