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Airport Transfer is our main service. We provide transfer services from Kansai International Airport and other airports to hotels and various destinations.

Available Airports For Airport transfer (Pickup)

Our main service airport is Kansai International Airport. We provide private transfer from airport to various cities in the Kansai region, including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Hyogo (Kobe).

In addition to Kansai International Airport, we may also offer airport transfer services from Itami Airport. For more details, please check service pages.

Kansai Airport Private Transfer
Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Itami Airport Private Transfer
Itami Airport (ITM)

Flow of Airport transfer (Pickup)

From Application To The Day Before Service

1,Check for vehicle availability

Airport Transfer - Check for vehicle availability

Provide your preferred dates and itinerary via email or chat tool such as WhatsApp, and our staff will check the availability of vehicles and drivers for private transfer from airport.

2,Apply for the service

Airport Transfer - Apply for the service

Proceed with the purchase of the desired transfer service and payment through the detailed page. We offer a pre-online payment system, so there is no need to prepare cash or cards on the day of the service.

3,Check the confirmation document

Airport Transfer - Check the confirmation document

We will send you the booking confirmation document the day after your application. If for any reason we are unable to accommodate your reservation, we will inform you at this stage (rest assured that we will provide a 100% refund).

4,Confirm the meeting point at airport

Airport Transfer - Confirm the meeting point ar airport

We will send you a file along with the booking confirmation that contains information about the meeting location with the driver at the airport. Please review it in advance.

The Service Day

1,Meet the driver at airport

Airport Transfer - Meet the driver at airport

After completing baggage claim and customs inspection at the airport, please proceed to the arrival gate.

The driver will be waiting for you at the designated meeting location, holding a name board.

We set Meeting time as below

  • For 1-2 individuals: ETA + 40 min
  • For 3 or more individuals: ETA + 60 min

We monitor the arrival time of the plane, and in case of any changes, whether it be earlier or later, we will adjust the meeting time accordingly. Please rest assured.

2,Move to the parking area

Airport Transfer - Move to the parking area

The driver will accompany you to the parking area where the vehicle is located.

Please rest assured that the driver will assist you with any heavy suitcases or luggage you may have.

3,Head to the destination

Airport Transfer - Head to the destination

An experienced driver will safely and comfortably take you to your destination.
All our drivers are qualified Japanese professionals with national licenses, so you can rest assured.

For more information, please check our feature page

4,Arrive at the destination.

Airport Transfer - Arrive at the destination

Upon reaching the destination, the driver will unload the luggage.

Since the payment has been completed in advance, there is no need for any further payment inside the vehicle, allowing for a seamless exit.

Chat Support in English

Airport Transfer - English Customer Support

In addition to all these services, we also provide English chat support. From the moment you make a reservation until the end of the transfer service, we offer assistance through chat tools like WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless and reassuring experience for you.

FAQ about Airport Pickup

Where should I meet the driver at the airport?

To avoid congestion, we have designated specific meeting locations for each airport. When you book our service, we will send you a confirmation letter that includes a map and photos of the meeting location. Please refer to that information for the exact meeting point.

The flight seems to be delayed (or arriving early)

We constantly monitor flight information in our customer support team. The meeting time is set according to the actual arrival time, and if the flight arrives early or is delayed, we adjust the meeting time based on the actual arrival time. Please be aware of this in advance.

What should I do if I can’t make it to the meeting time?

If you are unable to make it to the meeting time, such as due to getting held up at baggage inspection, please contact our support immediately. If more than 30 minutes have passed since the meeting time, a waiting fee of 1,000 yen per 10 minutes will be charged.

Is it possible to request to pick up someone other than myself at the airport?

Yes, it is possible. It is a common request to arrange private transfer from airport for family members, superiors, or colleagues. For more information, please refer to the Arrange Transfer for someone else page.

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