Rental Car Kansai Airport – Location and tips

Are you wondering if you could get a rental car at Kansai International Airport? Rent-a-car is very convenient especially if your destination is not close to the station. In this article, Firstly I will show you how to get to the rental car shop at Kansai International Airport with photos. Secondly, I will explain the […]

Is “Osaka Airport” different from “Kansai Airport”?

You might have come across “Osaka Airport” when searching for “Kansai Airport” and wonder what the difference is? Yes, there are two airports which could be called Osaka Airport. I know it is very confusing!! In this article, I will introduce these 2 airports and the reason why both are called Osaka Airports in conclusion. […]

3 convenience stores at Kansai airport (upon arrival)

Do you want to know the convenience stores you can go to upon arrival at Kansai Airport? From March 1, 2022, the Japanese government has eased entry restrictions from overseas. Because of that, now most travelers do not need to spend a self-isolation period at a hotel for quarantine. However, there is still a lot […]

How to get a limousine bus at Kansai Airport (KIX)

Are you looking for information regarding limousine bus Kansai Airport (KIX)? As of March 1, 2022, the Japanese government has finally eased coronavirus immigration restrictions. Therefore, those who arrive at Kansai Airport can take public transportation such as train, limousine bus, and taxi now. Having said that travelers are permitted to use public transportation, some […]

How to get taxi at Kansai Airport(KIX)

Do you want to take taxi from Kansai airport and get smooth transfer? As of March 1, 2022, Japan government has eased coronavirus immigration restrictions. Check latest info from government website: Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Travelers arriving in Japan now are allowed to use transportation such as train, bus […]

How to Get From Kansai Airport to Osaka

Are you interested in how to get From Kansai International Airport(KIX) to Osaka? Kansai International Airport is a hub airport in Western Japan available to operate 24 hours, opened in 1994. It is often called "Kankuu” as a Japanese abbreviation or "KIX" because of its airport code. Osaka has another airport called Itami Airport, but […]

Private Transfer at Kansai airport and Covid-19

Hi everybody, this is Kens Osaka Taxi. We are offering private transfer from/to kansai airport. Here I update the situation in Osaka regarding coronavirus. The situation in Osaka regarding Coronavirus Last Thrsday (January 13th), as a measure against the spread of COVID-19, Osaka had a declaration of a state of emergency. The number of COVID-19 […]

[Covid-19] Private Transfer ( Chartered taxi) / from Kansai airport

Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation in Japan By today October 28th 2020, cumulative coronavirus (Covid-19) cases topped 100,000 in Japan. Tokyo confirmed over 200 new cases, and Osaka confirmed over 200 new cases and and we can notice infection is spreading with clusters especially in urban areas. But from my point of view, people are paying […]

Nara Private Tour -Feed Deers at Nara Park!-

Hi there, This is the article of private tour for 3days. Don’t forget to check out Day1 and Day2 Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market- Kyoto Private Tour -Day2 -Kimono shooting- Destination for Day3 is Nara Park! The itinerary is as below. –Day3(8hrs)Itinerary– 10:00-11:00 Driver Pick up to Nara park 11:00-12:00 Kasuga-Taisha 12:00-13:00 […]

Kyoto Private Tour -Day2 -Kimono shooting-

Day 2 is Kyoto west part tour and Kimono shooting!! Don’t forget to check the Day1 Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market- Day2 itinerary is as below. today is also full of events!! –Day2 Itinerary (10hrs) — 9:30-10:45 Driver Pick up to Kyoto 10:45-11:45 Bamboo’s Grove Forest + Temple 12:00-13:00 Lunch in Arashiyama […]

Kyoto Private Tour -Day1 Yasaka Tower, Nishiki market-

Hi there, We had another customer from Singapore This time we took the tour for 3days! And this is the article to introduce the day 1 We traveled mainy east side of Kyoto on this day. –Day1 Itinerary (10hrs) — 9:30-10:30 Driver Pick up to Kyoto 10:30-11:30 Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine 11:30-12:10 Move for Kiyomizudera […]

Osaka Private Tour -Day1- Explore Sumiyoshi Taisha

It’s getting to be cooler in Japan.Autumn leave is getting to be colorful and beautiful. Well, I had a customer from Bangkok Thailand.The group is gramma, mother, kid, and a friend.They have been to Kyoto and Nara, and Osaka before. and this time they decided to take 2days for exploring Osaka more! –Day1 Itinerary (8hrs) […]

Osaka 1 day tour for Osaka Castle and Kuromon etc

We had guests from Singapore! They had been to Japan several times but they hadn’t had a chance to explore Osaka before. It was an honor to show them around our city! Although June is supposed to be the rainy season here, the weather was pretty good on that day. Actually.. it was too good […]

Try out “Samurai costume” at Osaka Castle

We took a private tour for family group from Philippines. This is their first time in Osaka!! I am really happy if I could help to make their percious memory in Osaka 😀 9:00am let’s start the tour from their hotel at Shinsaibashi as it’s Sunday and it will be very croweded, we decided to […]

Taxi transfer from Kansai Airport to Awajishima

Hi there! Yesterday we had a customer from Thailand. They are family group with kids and gramma and grampa. This time they arrived in Osaka KIX with TG 622, It took 40min to finish immigration and pick up luggage. Welcome to Osaka Kansai! This time they are staying at one of best hotel in Awajishima. […]

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