We understand that unexpected plans may come up, causing you to cancel your trip to Japan, or there may be flight cancellations, and it's uncertain what could happen. We aim to minimize costs for our customers in the event of cancellations for which they are not at fault.

Cancellation Due To Flight Cancellation

If your flight is canceled, we understand that you are not responsible for the cancellation. In such cases, we will provide a full refund of the amount you have paid, which will be processed immediately. We can process the refund regardless of when the cancellation is reported, but we appreciate it if you can inform us as soon as possible.

Cancellation Due To Customer's Convenience

In our service, we have implemented online payments. With each transaction, there is a credit card processing fee of approximately 4%. Once the payment is made, this fee cannot be recovered. Therefore, if you cancel a reservation after the payment has been completed, we will refund the amount excluding this payment fee (4%).

Cancellation Fees:

Our cancellation fees are as follows:

Cancellation Reason Timing Rate
Flight Cancel Anytime 0%
Other Reasons Anytime 4%
Other Reasons Within 7days 30%
Other Reasons Within 24 Hours 50%
Other Reasons On the day 100%
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