Family Transfer with Minivan and Jumbo

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Family & Group Transfer
With Van/Jumbo

Over half of our customers who use our service are in groups. We provide airport transfers and intercity transportation services using large vans to accommodate your group’s needs.

Introducing Vehicle Models

We offer “Toyota Alphard” and “Toyota Hi-Ace Grand Cabin” for family transfer with minivan and Jumbo service. The Alphard provides a comfortable interior space and a touch of luxury, making it perfect for smaller groups. On the other hand, the Hi-Ace boasts spacious seating and can accommodate larger groups. Both vehicle models ensure a comfortable and safe transfer experience.

6seater Minivan Toyota Alphard
Toyota Alphard(Recommended for 3-5pax)
9seater Jumbo Toyota Hi-Ace
Toyota Hi-Ace(Recommended for 6-9pax)

Benefits of the Service

1,Spacious trunk capacity

Spacious trunk capacity

Both the Alphard and Hi-Ace provide ample trunk space to accommodate a significant amount of luggage. The Hi-Ace, in particular, can carry up to 10-11 suitcases, making it a perfect choice for transporting a larger amount of baggage.

2,Comfortable for elderly passengers

Comfortable for elderly passengers

Many of our customers are multi-generational groups, including three generations of family members traveling together. Our vehicles provide a spacious and comfortable interior, ensuring peace of mind even when accompanied by elderly passengers. Additionally, we can accommodate wheelchair transportation by loading it into the vehicle.

3,Child seats available

Child seats available

In Japan, the use of child seats is not mandatory when using taxis or other transportation services. However, we understand that carrying a baby throughout the journey can be challenging. That’s why we offer a child seat rental service to ensure the safety and comfort of your little ones during the trip.

Booster Seat -> 1,000JPY(pc)
Child Seat -> 2,500JPY(pc)

We have a limited quantity of booster seat / Child seat available, so there may be cases where we cannot provide them. Please inquire in advance.

Chat Support in English

Airport Transfer - English Customer Support

In addition to all these services, we also provide English chat support. From the moment you make a reservation until the end of the transfer service, we offer assistance through chat tools like WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless and reassuring experience for you.

FAQ about family & group transfer

How much is the fee for renting a child seat?

We provide both child seats and junior booster seats. They can be requested as optional add-ons, with respective fees of 1,000JPY and 2,500JPY. While it is not legally required for travelers to use child seats when using taxi or chauffeur services in Japan, if you have any concerns, please feel free to make a reservation for the seats.

We have passengers who use wheelchairs. Is there any issue with that?

No, there is no issue. We have served many customers who use wheelchairs before. Both our Minivan (Toyota Alphard) and Jumbo (Toyota Hi-Ace) vehicles have ample space in the trunk to accommodate wheelchairs. Please rest assured that we can accommodate your needs.

How many suitcases can be accommodated?

The number of suitcases that can be accommodated depends on their size. In a sedan taxi, we can generally fit 2 suitcases, while in a minivan (Toyota Alphard), we can accommodate around 6 suitcases. For our jumbo vehicle (Toyota Hi-Ace), it is possible to fit approximately 10 suitcases. We have included photos of the trunk with suitcases loaded on the vehicle introduction pages for your reference. Please refer to the 6 Seater Mini Van Details Page and 9 Seater Jumbo Details Page.

Is it possible to arrange a private tour for my family?

Certainly. We often receive requests for private tours from families and small groups. In our private tours, in addition to a driver, we provide a knowledgeable local guide who is fluent in English to accompany and guide our customers. For more details, please refer to the Private Sightseeing Tour in KANSAI area page.

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