6 Reasons to Choose US

There are several taxi companies that provide airport pickup/send off service in Osaka. Here we list reasons why you choose us!

1, English Customer Support
We have got inquiry from customers after they inquired to other Japanese travel/taxi company in English and didn't get reply nor coundn't understand what they say.
Yes, we know how stressful when you cannot communicate especially when you are travelling non-English speaking country in Japan...
To be honest English comprehensive level of Japanese people are very low for example comparing other asian countries.
But don't worry, our young and Engligh speaking Japanese staff take care of our customers and we promise you won't feel any hassle regarding language problem.
2, English Driver (option)
Taxi industry in Japan is very old-fashion and there're no English-speaking driver at all.
As we noted, our English-speaking staff will take care of you and we believe you won't have problems regarding basic transportation. But yes it's obvious that communication will be easier if the driver himself can speak in English. So in addition to English-Speaking customer support, we prepared English-speaking driver service as an option.
We have only limited number of English-speaking drivers and please allow us if we cannot provide the driver.
3, Inquiry through Messaging App
Nowadays, everybody has smartphone and the way of communication has been changing from email to messaging app as they are faster and easier.
And now we are accepting inquires through world-most-popular-messaging app WhatsApp and Messanger. With this you can inquire right now.
Of course, email is also very good way to leave the conversation and we accept email inquiry as well.
4, Family Friendly Service
Since operating jumbo size taxi, we often have orders from family group, for example parents, kids, their parents, cousins, nephews and so on.
We have infant car seat as an option, and we are used to handle wheelchairs.
Take our service if you are family group and looking for taxi service from/to Kansai airport.
5, Accept Credit card
There are still certain number of taxi companies are only accepting cash, and over 70% of customers are paying by cash for taxi fare in Japan. We think it is behind the times.
But don't worry, we accept all majour credit cards(Master, VISA, Amex, JCB, Diners, etc) as means of payments so that you don't have to rush in airport money exchange for such a bad rate.
6, Free Airport meetup
We are offering free meet-up service for customers who arrive at Kansai airport.
The driver will come and wait at arrival hall holding a signboard with your name on it, and take you to your vehicle.
You can communicate through WhatsApp or Messanger, or Emaill with the English customer support (or driver if you choose English-speaking driver option) so that you won't miss the driver.